Road freight

The territory of the Russian Federation. International transport. Import-export operations with European and Asian countries.

For transportation of standard cargoes we provide tent semi-trailers. This semi-trailer protects the cargo during transportation. Due to the versatility, they are in great demand and are suitable for the transportation of both piece goods and whole loads.

The awning is fixed to the sides with special fasteners. For the convenience of loading and unloading in the rear of the semi-trailer is installed sliding door or tilt valve.

In addition to the tilt of transportation, LTS the WORLD has insulated and refrigerated trucking. To deliver cargo that requires compliance with a certain temperature regime over a long distance can be a serious task. Refrigerated cargo transportation is just for such transportation. Special semitrailers easily cope with the transportation of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, cosmetics, medicines and flowers.

The logistics centre WORLD specializiruetsya on thermoperiodic. Selects the best routes based on the specified time. And also performs international and domestic road transportation of goods with full or partial load, will take out your cargo from ports, airports and railway stations.


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