Tilt trucking

Our truck fleet offers tautliners for a standard freight transportation. The tautliner securely protects the freight while in transit. Due to its versatility, this kind of vehicle is in high demand and is suitable for transportation of both piece goods and large freight. Tilt is attached to the sides with special binding. To make the process of handling convenient, a glider door or a tilt gate is set on the back.

Isothermal trucking

Often, a transported freight requires special temperature conditions. Isothermal semi-trailers are perfect for the role of transportation for frozen food, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and medicines. The semi-trailer has high tightness and heat-insulating walls. This allows it to maintain the required temperature.

Refrigerated cargo transportation

Compared to isothermal ones - refrigerated containers provide proper temperature conditions that may vary up to –20°С. The weather out the semi-trailer does not affect the temperature inside it. Besides a refrigeration system, there are ventilators installed to equalize cold air. Also, there is protection from emergency temperature changes. A secure system of door locks provides complete tightness.


Railway freight transportation provides ample opportunity for wagon groups and platform loading. It is one of the most convenient ways of transporting a large number of goods over long distances.

Delivery on water

Sea shipping is considered as the most optimal and inexpensive way of cargo delivery. During the shipping process, high cargo protection from external effect and damage is guaranteed. Convenience and reasonable pricing - it is just a minor part of our advantages. Sea shipping is considered to be the most common way of intercontinental delivery.

Delivery by air

Compared to ground and sea shipping, the cargo delivery by air stands out for its speed. Freight goes through the packaging process, gets identifying information which is obligatory, and gets fixed securely on the board. If fast delivery is a major priority for you, air shipping is the best option. A high-level of cargo security is provided.


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